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By: Au Logistics  03/11/2010
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Consider the results of a recent Data Health Check we ran for a new client:

Our client supplied a 14,000 record customer database:

After we ran our free data health checkthe report showed:

·         Over 8000 records failing the Royal Mail PAF address standard, meaning a high chance of the mail item never reaching its destination.

·         Over 2300 records non-mailable due to customers moving address, bereavement etc.

·         Based on a standard mailing piece costing 0.70 to produce and mail, this represents wasted costs of around £1,200 on a data base of this size; Send four mailings a year, £4800.

Additionally the database contained over 500 duplicate records, including one unlucky customer that would have received 14 copies of the same mail. Direct mail is a powerful tool but must be managed effectively in order to get results and avoid damaging your brand, our data healthcheck service is the first step to achieving the results you want, and includes a full deduplication report.

Your data ‘deteriorates’ at an estimated rate of 20% in a year. Take advantage of our offer to get your data in shape and get the most out of your consumer mailings.

Our data health check is FREE!

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