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By: The Private Chef  15/07/2009
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  Personal Chef Service  
A personal chef service is your answer to eating well at home without having to find time to buy groceries and cook them yourself. The private chef will shop for you, prepare a selection of dishes and then fill your freezer with lovely meals you can discover and enjoy throughout the week, personalised to your individual needs and taste. Meals are stored in your freezer in reusable portioned containers, so all you have to do is choose what you fancy that evening and heat it up.  The private chef can also make a dessert or a  loaf of bread to go with the food for the week. The benefits You can enjoy a healthy, delicious dinner after you get home without having to worry about picking up something to cook on the way and spending time on your feet in the kitchen rather than relaxing after your long day. You can take your meal to work for a nice hot lunch and skip the canteen or the often unhealthy, disappointing choices at the surrounding take-aways. You can work with a personal chef just like you would a personal trainer or your hairdresser: your needs are discussed and your expectations are hopefully surpassed. Even if you have a very small kitchen, preparation can be done at Nadia’s Kitchen, so that the food is only cooked on premises, or, if necessary, brought already packaged and ready for freezing. Prices Cost usually works out to around £10-£12 per meal per person, so a weekly service based on 5 days and 4 people could work out to £220, depending on the ingredients required. Please note this is really an estimate, because the personal chef service provided by the private chef is entirely bespoke: everyone has their own ideas about what and how they like to eat, and the food may last you a week as a family of four, but probably much longer if you are on your own. call us to find out more.
the price will include: Personal chef service, where your dietary needs and desires are discussed, menus are designed, shopping is done for you, cooking and storing is completed in your own kitchen. 

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