By: Private Cardiology Services  19/11/2010
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If you have an such as your doctor may want you to have a procedure called cardioversion. Cardioversion aims to get your abnormal heart rhythm back to normal.

You will be given a short-acting general anaesthetic or heavy sedation so you will be asleep throughout the procedure. A doctor or nurse will put electrodes, stuck to large sticky pads, on your chest. The electrodes are connected to a defibrillator machine and will give you one or more controlled electric shocks to your chest wall. The whole procedure usually lasts about 10 minutes.

The defibrillator monitors your heart rhythm throughout the procedure so the medical staff can see straight away if the cardioversion was successful.

You will usually only need to go to hospital for part of the day, although some people need to stay overnight.  

Cardioversion doesn’t always restore normal heart rhythm. Sometimes it’s successful to start with, but then your abnormal heart rhythm comes back several days, weeks or even months later. If this happens, your doctor may want to repeat the cardioversion or they may consider another treatment for you.

Keywords: 24 hour monitors, Cardioversions,

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