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By: Gina Collett Pilates Reflexology Massage - Wimbledon  16/10/2009
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Gentle pressure is applied to the reflex points on your feet to restore & maintain the body’s natural equilibrium, balance hormones, improve circulation & to encourage the body to heal itself leaving you feeling relaxed....
From the early stages of morning sickness to delivery discomfort, pregnancy can be physically demanding but with reflexology you can sit back, relax and let your body be revitalized..
I have had great success in easing morning sickness from the 1st trimester through to the 3rd – by balancing out the hormones you are less likely to feel nauseous and to vomit – The first two sessions for morning sickness will be 3 to 4 days apart and then should continue at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and then 6 weeks apart with little to no symptoms in between sessions.

By having regular treatments throughout your pregnancy it  is possible to alleviate many of the other symptoms of pregnancy such as:

Reflexology has been recognized as having a particularly high success rate in the area of labor – research has shown that as little as ten sessions of reflexology during pregnancy can reduce the length of time in labor to as little as only 2 – 3 hours long.  Mom and baby’s recovery time is shorter and both are more relaxed, giving baby a good start to life. Happy mom = happy baby !
** Please note this is not guaranteed as each birth is individual to both baby and mom.

I will also send you home with points that you AND HUBBY can work on in between sessions – specifically points for inducing labor for lazy babes !

Pregnancy is a wonderful time but please remember your feet hare taking a lot of strain and carrying more weight than they are used to so giving them some TLC is important for your whole well being.

Price £50 per hour. Discount of £5 discount p/h for 10 sessions 

(This based on a home visit within the SW19, SW18, SW20 area – anything outside of this will incur a £10 travel fee .)

Keywords: reflexology

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