RTI Gap Insurance

By: Finance Gap Insurance  25/06/2009

Sold as an optional upgrade to your basic Gap Insurance RTI Gap is available if you bought your car from a vat registered motor dealer in the last 90 days. If your car happens to be stolen or damaged beyond repair the combined benefit of Return to Invoice upgrade will together with the basic Gap Insurance policy pay the difference between your motor insurers' settlement and your motor dealers invoice price.

Amount Paid for Car (Invoice Price) £ 16,000
Value of your car at Total Loss £ 10,000
Combined Gap Insurance Payout £ 6,000

That's right; we send you a cheque for £6,000!
We pay the depreciation all the way back to the invoice price, your motor insurer doesn't. Think of it as an incredibly valuable top-up to your Motor Insurance.

NOTE:Whilst our basic Gap Insurance policy provides the most essential protection against car depreciation, and is available for cars purchased privately or from a dealer any time in the last seven years, the Return to Invoice upgrade is only available if you bought your car in the last 90 days from a vat registered motor dealer.