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By: Tutors valley Online tutors  13/07/2016
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Primary school tuition in the UK has been under a lot of scrutiny lately with the implementation of the new, ad relatively more difficult, Sat’s papers for year 2 and year 6 children in the UK. Many parents in the UK have turned to private tutors in a bid to improve their child’s knowledge and supplement their school education. Private tutors in the UK are able to offer one-to-one tailored support of children who are of primary school age. This is a growing profession as the need for good tutors is rapidly increasing to fill the gaps that sometimes a school is unable to fill. This is often through no fault of their own, but down to funding and staff levels. According to an article in The Guardian almost three years ago, 40% of parents supplemented their child’s primary school tuition in London, with private tutors. (Cohen, D. 2013) This was a much higher rate that the rest of the UK who average at around 24%. The need for extra tuition from primary tutors in the UK was growing and in Manchester increased it increased to such a level that a not-for-profit organisation was set up to help children from the most disadvantaged schools and backgrounds gain access to private tuition. The tutors are trained by this organisation, Tutor Trust, and agree that once they deliver five hours to a learner, they will deliver a sixth hour for free. Previous reports had suggested that it was unlikely that a child from a disadvantaged background would have access to private tuition. Primary school tuition has had further changes and developments following this article from 2013, including changes to the national curriculum, increasing the level of teaching, suggesting that higher standards should be put in place. Increasing standards and pushing for a higher education is not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not necessarily suitable for all learners, as we all have different learning abilities and learn at different speeds. The changes were put in place quite rapidly, rather than at a steady pace and this has only increased the need further for private tutors in the UK. There are parents that opt for primary home tuitions, and choose to educate their children completely from home. This is another educational method that seems to be growing in the UK as more and more parents decide that this is the best option, with the difficulties that can be faced actually getting your child into the primary school of your choice, which is sometimes oversubscribed too. The families who home school sometimes rely on private tutors to come and teach the children on topics that they feel unable to teach or are unfamiliar with. Home tuition involves a lot of one-to-one, or sometimes small group work. Providing a good level of education is delivered, this can have increasing benefits for the child because similarly to private tuition, home schooling is very focused around the child, their level and their needs. Surprisingly, in light of the guidelines and curriculum imposed on public schools and primary tutors in the UK who teach in schools, there are very little guidelines for home schooling children. The local authority have to be satisfied that you are providing a suitable education for your children. Home schooling actually has many perks as you are guided and supported by the authority and it also allows you to have extra resources at the library for instance. Obviously, you have to have the money to stay at home and teach your child, as well as being knowledgeable yourself to enable you to teach, as your local authority also has the power to put your child into a public school, if they feel their home-based education is not suitable. Whatever your educational preferences are for your children, it’s undeniable that primary school tuition is changing, along with our preferences and commitment to our child’s education.

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