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By: Carbon Credits UK  15/06/2012
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Step 1: Contact Carbon Credit Offsetting Step 2: CCO will talk to you about: Your investment Experience Your financial goals, targets and strategy If carbon credits are for you Why carbon credits are a possible investment solution How carbon credits could fit your investment profile Step 3: You may then feel comfortable enough to commit to purchase VCS Verified Spot carbon credits. Carbon Neutral Investments will then process the purchase through their Carbon Clearing system. Step 4: Then, a contract note will be sent out to you, advising you of the purchase terms and conditions. All the information you need and instructions on what to do next are provided on the paperwork if you wish to purchase carbon credits. (The funds are instructed to be paid to Carbon Neutral Investments Limited, which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.) Step 5: Once Carbon Neutral Investments Limited processes your purchase (step 4); the VCS Carbon Credits are registered on their nominee system in your name pending payment.(Carbon Neutral Investments is regulated by the Financial Services Authority FRN: 403428 and a member of the London Stock Exchange). Step 6: Log in details are distributed to the customer which allows you to log onto a secure area where you may view the carbon credit holding that would be held with Carbon Neutral Investments, view your current contact information and also view the project details which the carbon credits were procured from. Step 7: Once you settle the contract note, the VCS Verified Voluntary Spot carbon credits are immediately registered in your name by Carbon Neutral Investments, through their Carbon Clearing system.

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