Hire WordPress development company to migrate from Joomla to WordPress

Hire WordPress development company to migrate from Joomla to WordPress from Plugin-Developers

By: Plugin-Developers  16/10/2014
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If you are also among the group of people who want to migrate from Joomla to WordPress, then be glad, as you are making a good decision. Now when you’ve made the decision you might be probably looking a perfect way to migrate effortlessly. Well, if you are not technically sound, or lack an in-house team of developers, then hiring a WordPress development company is the best option. Joomla is a CMS that is used by a number of websites, but it’s just simply not build for all. Therefore more and more people are using WordPress migration services and opting for this efficient CMS.

Here is a brief glimpse how your chosen WordPress development company would carry out the migration:
Migration experts would first select a web host and then install WordPress to start their work. Forming a strong foundation is very important to get a powerful WordPress website.
Second step is to either install a plugin that allows for migration or to carry out the whole process manually.
If the plugin is selected then, WordPress experts requires to just do some configuration and task would be completed.

But the best option is to go for manual migration, as it would provide you better results. For manual migration, first the look and design is copied and incorporated in the WordPress website. Necessary changes are made in the CSS files.
The next thing WordPress experts possibly would do is to copy the content. If your Joomla website is small, transferring content can be done simply by copy paste. But if the site is bulky and contain hundreds of pages, some application can be used for transferring the content.
After that the database would be transferred, followed by testing of the entire integrated application.

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