Commerical Wall clocks and other timing devices

Commerical Wall clocks and other timing devices from E A Combs

By: E A Combs  05/01/2011
Keywords: Hospitals, Office Supplies, calendar

E A Combs Limited specialises in the design and supply of commercial wall clocks and industrial wall clocks for the commercial market. We also supply a range of master clocks, stopwatches, stopclocks and timing devices for education, industry and the sports markets.

The wide range of clocks is supplied to many market areas, including offices, schools and colleges, banks, factories and warehouses, hospitals, sports halls and swimming pools. There is a wide variety of sizes, designs and movement type to satisfy most requirements.

The selection of stopwatches, master clocks, stopclocks and timing devices is suitable for most applications within educational, industrial and laboratory markets.

Established since 1895, E A Combs Limited is a privately owned and managed company that offers products that are intended to provide long term value.

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