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By: Calming minds therapeutic practice  03/11/2010
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 Saturday 4th December 2010


Price £100

14 Henrietta Street

Covent Garden

London WC2E 8QH

Preparing for 2012 and Beyond:                                                                                                     How You can help in the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy on Planet Earth

We are living in the most exciting times in Earth’s history! We are living in times of prophecy. Both the Mayas, the Incas, the Hopis, the Aztecs, the Celts and many other cultures predict something special is going to happen on December 21st, 2012.

All major faiths speak of this current time as the coming of a Great Master who would restore the Divine Plan and initiate a Golden Age on Earth. And the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul in the writings of Alice A. Bailey prophesied the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy to take shape at the dawn of the New Millennium!

So, who is this Great Master that all major faiths speak about? And who is this Externalizing Spiritual Hierarchy that the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul was announcing?

Well, the exciting news is that this Great Master is YOU! The Spiritual Hierarchy externalizes through YOU!

At this exciting workshop we will explore the 2012 phenomenon looking at the following topics and lenses:

1. Introduction to 2012 and the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy

2. Introduction to the Spiritual Hierarchy and the idea of becoming an Ascended Master/Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy in embodiment

3. Attributes of a Spiritual Leader and Ascended Master

4. Current Political, Social, Environmental issues from an Occult Lens

5. The Role of the Mind in the New Millennium

5. Good and Evil

  * And, much more…

You will learn:

* What to do to prepare for 2012 (and beyond)

* How to become a valuable asset to the Spiritual Hierarchy

* Why the significance of the power of mind is becoming more and more mainstream and how to use it in planetary world service

* How to speed up the initiation process

* And much more

While this workshop will contain a lot of information, it will be equally practical and interactive. After this workshop, you will look at life through a whole new set of eyes and a higher understanding of planetary events.

Is this workshop for you?

* If you have an innate knowingness of and appreciation for the significance of the so-called “end times” we are living in, this workshop is for you!

* If you want to prepare for 2012 and gain a bigger picture of personal and planetary events, then this workshop is for you!

* And if you want to step out of mass consciousness and serve humanity, the planet and the Spiritual Hierarchy, then this workshop is for you!

To book a place contact: Jacqui Cullen on 0208 502 3169 or mob; 07989 268086

E-mail [email protected]

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