Claims Warehouse Client Credit Card Claim Success, Following Credit Card Audit & Claim Process

By: Claims Warehouse - Credit Card Claims, Claims Warehouse Credit Card Audits  26/11/2009
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 Mr Mitchell a Claims Warehouse client had success when his credit card audit highlighted that his credit card agreement did not contain the necessary prescribed terms and conditions and therefore did not comply with the Consumer Credit Act.

This meant that the outstanding balance of over £15,000 could not be enforced by Bank of Scotland at Leeds County Court! Mr Mitchell, while delighted with the outcome, was disappointed that the issue needed to go to court as he had "...made the same arguments as the solicitors and the QC, but it took them to make these points before the Bank of Scotland finally agreed it was in the wrong."

Judge Langan in his judgement was scathing of the bank saying "...There may be hundreds of similar cases and the bank would plainly not wish other defaulting customers to get wind of an adverse decision on the fundamental point which is embodied in the quotation from Mr Berkley's written argument, which I have already set out."

Do you know any one with a Bank of Scotland Credit Card?

Do you think a Bank of Scotland credit card holder may want to get their credit card checked out and audited by our specialist solicitors?

Judge Langan said there could be hundreds of similar cases.  However given the Bank of Scotland issues hundreds of thousands of credit cards each year don't you think there could be a huge number of potential claims out there?

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Keywords: Audit Report, Claims Warehouse, credit card, credit card claims,

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