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Hair Conditioner from Dead Sea Naturals

By: Dead Sea Naturals  09/07/2009
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 After shampooing your hair and scalp with Dr. Nona Frequent Use Tonic Shampoo, it is very important to protect it from natures elements such as the sun, wind, and pollution. Protection

begins by using Dr. Nona Hair Conditioner. This wonderful conditioner is the perfect accent to the revitalizing lather of Frequent Use Tonic Shampoo. Developed using the Bio-Organic Mineral Complex, it’s deliciously nutritious for your hair and body. The nutrients penetrate the hair shaft to invigorate the follicles and protect them from being damaged.

Dr. Nona Hair Conditioner is available in Avocado and Peach to complement and enhance the natural benefits of Frequent Use Tonic Shampoo. Avocado is rich in potassium, a mineral shown to improve nerve function and energy metabolism.*

Peaches are an impressive source of Vitamin A, the warrior antioxidant in the battle against free radicals.*

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