MOVEMENT THERAPY creates a confident mind body relationship

By: oliviaworks  01/11/2011
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Movement Therapy Helping you rediscover a healthy body relationship for confidence, enjoyment and awareness. Who are the sessions for? Sessions can be used either for specific issues such as body image, stress and trauma, or for general personal development including growth of intuition and mental, spiritual and bodily awareness. Benefits of Movement Therapy When the body is acknowledged, given a voice and becomes free from tension, alignment happens of its own accord, returning balance to the mind, body & spirit. There are two main benefits: 1) Bringing life and vibrancy to your body (confidence, enjoyment, flexibility, balanced, energised, sensory, intuitive) 2) Your body as a valuable resource (healthy boundaries, leave repetitive thought processes, express feelings without going into past memories, get present and grounded) The approach Movement therapy sessions support you in an ongoing process of self discovery / healing. The work is ‘process driven’; going with and sometimes deeper into what is presenting itself with an attitude of respect and acceptance, as opposed to a ‘fix it’ mentality. The sessions are deep, fun, explorative and insightful and work best with regularity and weekly / biweekly frequency. It is your willingness to discover a healthy relationship with your body that makes Movement Therapy appropriate for you, not your age, experience or physical fitness. I work intuitively and no two people are the same, thus our client relationship unique. There are 3 central elements to Movement Therapy: 1) awareness of the physical body 2) developing a relationship of respect and friendship with the body 3) discovering the resources of the body. Depending on your preferences and what’s appropriate for you, the following will be drawn upon: Hatha Yoga / Yoga for Trauma / Somatic Movement Education / Breathing Techniques / Visualisation / Guided Relaxation / Meditation / Life Coaching. Get in touch if you would like to get clear, creative, balanced, chilled, grounded, confident and energised.

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