LIFE THERAPY focuses on the mind to increase equilibrium and peace.

By: oliviaworks  01/11/2011
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Life Therapy – an ‘antivirus’ for the Mind, Body and Spirit If you would like to de-junk the noise in your mind, find more clarity, confidence, equilibrium, balance, peace and insight then my style of Life Coaching Therapy would suit you. Who are the sessions for? Sessions can be used either for personal development and growth or for working through specific issues i.e. emotional problems, confidence, stress, PMT. Working with Specific Issues • Reduce stress, anxiety & depression • Work through emotional problems • Releasing unhelpful beliefs and fears • Directing attention away from repetitive thought processes • Increasing motivation • Improving confidence • Getting clear on a decision / where you are going • On the brink of a 'shift' and need help making the transition • Women looking to deal with PMT / understand their femininity General Personal Development & Growth • Create a balanced lifestyle • Improve self awareness • Gaining insights into patterns of behaviour • Create coping strategies and new ways to manage life • Connect to intuition / gut senses The approach Life Therapy sessions encourage new relationships - between your inner reality and the world around you, as well as between your mind and body - which can easily become part of your everyday life and instinctive resources. If there's a problem, then a skill, strategy or belief is either missing, or present and not helping. The work is intuitive and ‘process driven’ (going with and sometimes deeper into what is presenting itself with an attitude of respect and acceptance, as opposed to a ‘fix it’ mentality). Because no two people are the same, I prefer not to use a prescribed format. The sessions are deep, fun, explorative and insightful. Sessions appropriately draw on the following techniques, influences and tools: Life Coaching / Visualisation / Guided Relaxation / Meditation / Body Awareness / Breathing Techniques / Theta Healing / Women’s Work (understanding the feminine & PMT). Get in touch if you would like to get clear, creative, balanced, chilled, grounded, confident and energised.

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