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By: Sunbelt Business Brokers  03/10/2012
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We provide companies or Businesses with a Goodwill Valuation Assessor (GVA) What is a GVA All business valuations can be split into two areas: 1 A valuation of the tangible net assets. These are the things that you can see and touch such as cars, computers, machinery and stock; and things that are evidenced by documentation such as invoices, loans etc. 2 An assessment of the intangible assets. This is actually a subjective valuation of the part of the business that takes into account all the things that are not readily seen, touched or given value from documentation. It is commonly called goodwill. It is generally a fact that the majority of the overall value within a business is in the intangible assets of the business rather than the value of the net assets shown in the accounts. The assessor aims to quantify the intangible value. It gives a report that helps to identify how much of the overall potential of the business has actually been created and what extra potential there could be for the same business. In its simplistic form, we seek to identify how much of the business is sustainable without the Executive being there. The Executive could be the owner, the partners or proprietors or even the whole board of directors. How is it done? For most businesses, a half-day meeting with the key executives in the business is all that is needed to commence the task. With our help, they will complete a questionnaire which we then process through our analyser into a report, breaking down the areas of goodwill achieved and yet to be achieved. We then return to the executives to review the reports and help in the formulation of their action plan for adding value. What do I get? We deliver a detailed report showing the main areas in the business with each of them given a percentage of realised and un-realised goodwill. We will also produce an action list showing where significant extra value can be added by addressing the weak areas identified. Finally, we guide how to undertake the changes identified in the action task report. Our report can also carry comparatives showing how the assessor has changed over time. What our GVA achieves: • Guides business on change management. • Identifies tasks for future work. • Builds a business manual to improve systems. • Enables development comparison from comparative data. • Directs improvement from comprehensive action list. • Facilitates strategic action to enhance value. • Scores and comments quantify criteria with certainty. • Reports quickly to keep momentum for action. • Presents graphically to give clear identification. • Achieves results from low time investment The GVA Deliverables: 1 The questions and answers report, with interview notes where desired. 2 The assessment Report, or the “Report Plus”, where comparatives are supplied. 3 The questions and answers to previous assessment where the Report Plus has been delivered. 4 The action list memorandum. (Available also in Excel format.) 5 A current Guidance sheet. 6 A current product brochure. 7 A latest version of the question list for future use in Excel spreadsheet format. Finally the cost: £ 1999 Please contact us for further details and confirmation of costs

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