Michigan Property $36,995

Michigan Property $36,995 from Mayfair Group

By: Mayfair Group  27/11/2009
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Property Details

Bank Owned-Great Opportunity for Investment on 3 Bedroom Bungalow property in Detroit.

  • Lot Size: 20x150 Sq. Ft. Built Up Area: 1,200 Sq. Ft.
  • 3 Bed detached property built in 1937
  • Current market price approx $58,327
  • Fully managed property with tenant yielding up to 25%
  • Winter Tax: $454, Summer Tax: $2,131
  • Investment Overview

    The US has been the only world superpower for almost thirty years now and in the last year, the world  watched as it began to stumble due to the credit crunch.

    This has had a huge affect on the US market and has cost millions of job losses and many blue chip companies have been struggling to get billions of dollars in rescue aid. This has led to an unprecedented number of properties being repossessed, with few Americans wanting to invest in the market. This scenario has led to unbelievable bargains to be had for the savvy investor, with some properties being sold around 50-70% below market value!

    However, anyone who thinks that the US is losing its shine is mistaken. With the election of President Barack Obama, there is a new sense of confidence from the American people and as we have seen before, the USA can and will reinvent itself and continue to take the main role on the world stage in terms of raw economic might.

    The economic plans are being put into motion right now, but there is still a limited time to take advantage of this “once in a lifetime opportunity” to cash in on these excellent deals.

    We have carefully monitored the US economy and property market for some time and we feel that now is the right time to invest in this market for pure profit on a huge scale. And the place is none other than Detroit.

    We have chosen Detroit because there are billions of US dollars flowing into this city and at the same time huge untapped demand for quality accommodation. With many US investors not having confidence in the market to buy, has created an enormous opportunity for investors like you who can truly take advantage of the high demand for good quality rental property – at prices less than the cost to build these properties!

    Mayfair Group, are sourcing incredible turnkey properties that are:

    1.  Significantly below market value from 50-70% - giving thousands of equity from the start.

    2.  Are totally refurbished to an approved specification and are 100% ready and rentable.

    3.  Mayfair Group finds you the tenant and you benefit from rental yields of up to 25% - giving excellent cash flow per month.

    4.  Low cash outlays from just £24,500, and yields up to 25% - much better than cash in the bank!

    5.  Detroit is set to make a huge recovery – with over $50 Billion of aid from the government and the big three car manufacturers set to take advantage of the expected 16.5 Million car sales by 2012.

    So if you are looking for a highly cash flow positive property, that is fully turnkey with ‘zero hassle’, which has thousands of pounds equity from the start – for a mere $41,650 all in, then we welcome you to read this investment pack fully. We are sure you will be as excited as ourselves about this opportunity

    .These kinds of deals will not be around for long as savvy US investors and High Net Worth individuals (Including Donald Trump) are already buying a large amount which is pushing up prices. For more information contact us [email protected]

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