Intellitracker Enterprise Release 6.3 Redefines Marketing Campaign Analysis

Intellitracker Enterprise Release 6.3 Redefines Marketing Campaign Analysis from Cognesia

By: Cognesia  04/12/2009
Keywords: marketing, analytics, business intelligence

Intellitracker today announced the release of Intellitracker Enterprise R6.3.  In addition to a number of minor enhancements, R6.3 includes 2 new features that enable a user to fully understand the value of their marketing activities.  A new report template called “Marketing Performance” shows which marketing campaigns have been seen by website visitors prior to them converting while the “Visitor Lock” feature allows a user to lock onto a group of visitors and further analyse their behaviour.

Commenting on the release, Mark Wilding, Product Manager at Intellitracker said: “This release represents a significant step forward in the visualisation of marketing campaign performance.  For the first time a marketing manager can see at a glance which of their campaigns yield immediate conversions and which help by generating repeat visits that convert.“

The “Visitor Lock” feature allows a user to select and lock-on to a group of visitors based on their actions during a particular time period.  The behaviour of these visitors during a different time period can then be analysed. This allows users to look at what visitors did before or after a specific event and enables users to look at such things as what particular groups of visitors did in the 6 weeks prior to making a purchase.

The “Marketing Performance” report is a variant of the existing Conversion report designed specifically for marketing managers. It enables them to understand how multiple campaigns inter-relate by showing which campaigns achieve immediate conversions and which campaigns “assist” by generating repeat visits that then convert.  This allows a user to understand the true value of a campaign in either driving conversions or assisting in the process.

Keywords: analytics, business intelligence, marketing, Web Analytics