Understanding Depression

By: The Mind Clinic  02/06/2010
Keywords: depression

At The Mind Clinic individuals are taught through guidance and counselling how to develop an understanding of depression, to discover the importance of depression and consider depression useful rather than destructive.

A depression is a key to opening up the mind, to be alerted to changes that are ahead.  The mind’s warning call is an extremely important part of existence, and should be treated with care and attention. 

When individuals learn how to explore the mind they discover the mind’s plan to move forward and reach its full potential.

Individuals come to understand the importance of creativity, imagination and the self.

Through re-education individuals learn how to use their imagination to progress through life and to achieve their objectives. They come to understand all their emotional influences, which need to be awakened rather than suppressed. Any form of chemical treatment suppresses the full energy of the mind, brain and body, which prevents the mind from thinking and reasoning.

As every one of us is unique, every depression is unique but the mechanics of any depression are the same.

All conditions in one form or another are brought on by depression.

Keywords: depression