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By:  24/11/2010
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No more leaflets/junk mail.

Instead, everything you would have received from local businesses (restaurants/takeaways to plumbers, etc.) stored here and available….for you, at a touch of a button (Find out more)..

What’s available in your area? … Just enter the first part of your post-code

(e.g. ‘NW1’)! Try it out!

Welcome to my postcode info - the most convenientand environmentally friendly Local Community Information and Business Directory. To help you to find local eateries, businessesand services in your area!

Deal with your local businesses and services directly (why depend on or involve 3rd party companies to meet your needs?). Our service cuts out the middle man and gives you direct access to the service provider you need in your area! There is no need to divulge your personal details like other services-providers in the market. By using our website, you can easily find your local restaurants (from Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Moroccan, Japanese or, if you prefer, takeaways such as fish & chips, and kebab. Or, even your local plumber! Or, find out where your local hairdresser, health and beauty centre, florist, taxi cab, MOT centre, local gardener, handyman, plumber, builder, solicitor, accountant etc. are located. What are their rates? What promotions do they offer? And read real customer feedbacks. With our service, finding your local business is now only a few clicks away.

Save money by living green!

Get Discounts!!! from local businesses and services!

Get 10% 20%, 30% or 50% OFF from total bills
by contacting directly.

Keywords: Advertising Go Green, Local Business, Paperless Advertising,



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