Top 10 tips for home improvement

By: Weknowmoney  17/11/2011
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Everyone wants a better, cheaper and greener home. Not only does it feel warmer, cosier and look better, but by adding certain features to your home, such as increased security, you can reduce how much you pay on your home insurance. Listed below are 10 top tips to improve your home this winter. 1. Loft and cavity wall insulation The government is now in the process of improving both these forms of insulation in millions of homes across the country. If you have not already been contacted about the project get in touch; after a quick survey of your home and personal circumstances, you may be eligible for free improvements. 2. Your boiler Many older boilers, while still serviceable, are not energy efficient and as such, can be expensive to run and harmful to the environment. Upgrading your older boiler to a newer, more energy efficient model is a great way to drastically reduce spending on domestic fuel bills as well as being more beneficial for the environment. 3. Your roof Over time, wind and weathering can cause an odd tile or two to work loose of the mortar holding them together and you develop a small leak in the roof. It is always worth checking your loft to ensure your roof is uncompromised, as just one small leak can cause damage to anything that is stored there, or the ceiling below. 4. Home security Lower your by installing window locks at your property. A regularly-serviced alarm, external lighting or even a CCTV system are all good ways to ensure that your home is secure. These measures need not be expensive, as even small measures, such as padlocking your waste bins slightly away from your property, acts as a deterrent to the opportunist burglar. 5. External areas You can make your home environment look welcoming from the outside with just a little work. Whether it is tidying the garden, using a pressure washer to clean the pavements from unsightly and slippery algae and moss, or just giving the exterior house or walls a lick of fresh paint, the drastic effect this have on lifting the exterior of your home can be dramatic. 6. Internal wood When dark winter nights set in, light is important in homes and having dull, lifeless discoloured internal wood doesn’t help. A tin of gloss paint and a brush and a little elbow grease can have your interior woodwork looking bright, fresh, clean and attractive in no time at all. 7. Decoration As with the wood, keeping your home’s internal decoration attractive is a good way to improve the home. Pick one or two rooms a year to try to freshen up, even if it is not a complete redecoration, even just a lick of paint, a few new finishing touches, or a redesign of the furniture can give a tired, old room a bright, new look. 8. Find a place for clutter Nothing makes a home feel untidier than clutter; so devote some of your time this winter to removing as much of it from sight as possible. Whether storing it upstairs, making that long-delayed trip to the local tip or perhaps donating things to charity, if it is just lying around making the house ‘look untidy’ then be ruthless. 9. Give the spare room a function Many homes have a spare room, which quickly becomes a dumping ground for any clutter or items they are not quite sure where else to put. Well, if you follow the advice of tip eight and de-clutter your home, you should then use your spare room for a definite function. Make it into an office, a spare bedroom, or even a playroom for the children. 10. Solar panels If you have cash to spend on a long-term solution to reduce fuel bills then solar panels may be an option. Installing a solar system not only provides you with your own electricity, meaning you use less from your current provider and thus reduce bills, but also any your home generates you can sell to the National Grid.

Keywords: buildings insurance, contents insurance, home insurance, landlord insurance

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