Class O boards

Class O boards from Vivalda

By: Vivalda  23/06/2010
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Cement Particle Boards are also known CPBP as Building Boards, CP boards, Backer Board, Carrier Panel+ Sheathing Board.

Vivalda supplies all the available brands of CBPB
in the UK.
All the boards have different characteristics and strengths to meet specification requirements. This will also depend on the area of application. Vivalda can assist you with any technical details upon request. Please note that the boards detailed on this page are all cement bonded particle boards. A popular name on the market is Pyrok, which has now been rebranded as ‘New Pyrok’ and has a different composition. A sound alternative to the old Pyrok, which is no longer made, is ‘Duripanel’.
The general product make-up of all these boards is wood chip, portland cement, wood mineralisation materials and water.

Product Benefits
Class ‘O’ or Class ‘1’ fine rated.
free from formaldehyde and isocynates.
free from wood preservatives, lindane and fungicides
biologically safe
can be disposed of on a landfill site
can be decorated with different finishes
good structural properties.

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