Cempanel from Vivalda

By: Vivalda  23/06/2010
Keywords: construction, construction industry, fire protection

Cempanel is produced by mixing fine wood particle, Portland cement and mineralising agents. The fresh boards are kept in the maturing store and passed through the conditioning chamber to bring them to equilibrium moisture content.
Cempanel is one of the most durable building boards. It combines the strength of cement with the flexibility of wood.
Cempanel provides a certified fire resistance: it is classified as Class ‘O’ material passing the 1 hour and 2 hours fire rating test according to BS 476 Part 22. Insects will not attack Cempanel because the wood particles are immersed in cement. Fungi cultures do not develop on it because of its alkaline nature (PH Value=12). Thanks to its heat insulation properties Cempanel helps saving energy bill for both heated and air-conditioned area. Most conventional wood-working tools and procedures can be applied when working on this board that provides an excellent eco-friendly substitute for natural wood.

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