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By: Turkuaz Homes  08/08/2009
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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT “A well maintained property is a valuable property” When you engage our services at TURKUAZ HOMES we look after your property as if it were our own.  

Even the newest property can run into problems but if it is in another country who is going to be able to solve those problems for you?   We look after your property so you do not have to worry whether or not the tap is dripping or if there has just been a storm.  

Our services include:  Gardens Shared and private garden maintenance including cutting the grass, applying pesticides, adding organics and fertilizers, and regular watering  . 

Pools   Regular checking of shared and private pools and pool equipment.   Cleaning and setting up the pools at the beginning of the season. 
 Regular addition of chemicals. Communal Areas Communal perimeter walls, gates, pathways, staircases, balustrades and lighting will be cleaned and set up.  
Infrastructure Checking and maintenance of communal pipe system. Electricity Communal electricity management and maintenance. 

Water Communal water management and maintenance. Property Cleaning Interior cleaning of the properties will be done before 1 st May and after 31 st October. (Housekeeping service will be given if/when required during your stay for an extra payment) Bill, Tax, and Insurance Payment  Electricity, water, phone bills etc will be paid regularly.  Tax and insurances will be paid annually.     Security 24/7 security will be provided.      


1) SUMMER 1st May – 31st October: Gardens will be watered daily. Grass will be cut weekly. Organics, fertilizers, and pesticides will be applied monthly.  Daily Ph-testing, adding chemicals, and cleaning of the pool Daily cleaning and tidying up the sun-bed sets and the sunbathing terraces Daily checking and cleaning of Communal perimeter walls, gates, pathways, staircases, balustrades and lighting Start of season cleaning before 1st May .  

2) WINTER 1st November – 30th April:  Weekly inspection report and photographic diary of the property. Ventilating the property and checking for humidity and/or damage. Functioning all curtains, blinds and shutters, ensuring correct operation.  Collecting mail for later collection by the owner or forwarding to a preferred address.    

Checking cold & hot water supplies, electricity and gas. Function testing all electrical appliances, sockets and lights.        Watering of indoor and outdoor plants. Flushing of all toilets and sinks to prevent odours and calcius deposits. Additional integrity checks after severe weather. Assistance with administration work (taxes, community fees, insurance, electricity, water etc).  Immediate contact of the owner upon discovery of any faults to prevent and minimise further damage and expense.  

Gardens will be watered in every two days. Grass will be cut in every two weeks. Organics, fertilizers, and pesticides will be applied in every two months. 

Pool pumps will be dismantled, cleaned, packed, and put into storage for protection.  Sun-beds will be cleaned, wrapped, and put into storage for protection.  Communal perimeter walls, gates, pathways, staircases, balustrades and lighting will be cleaned and protected.   End of season cleaning after 31st October. 

N.B: Management and maintenance fees are between £400-£1000 yearly.Management and maintenance fees will vary depending upon the size and number of the properties in a complex.  For this service there is a management and maintenance agreement that will be signed by you & TURKUAZ HOMES.

Keywords: custom build