Chun Yuen Quan

Chun Yuen Quan from Tse Qigong Centre

By: Tse Qigong Centre  05/10/2009
Keywords: health, martial arts, self defence

Master Michael Tse has been studying Kung Fu since the age of 14. He later began studying Hard Qigong and Wild Goose Qigong, Chun Yuen Quan (a branch of Shaolin) with Master Wu Chun Yuen in Beijing China.

Chun Yuen Quan passed from the Shaolin temple to the Beijing Opera where actors would learn traditional martial skills in order to portray their characters acurately. Today, we practise the Chun Yuen Quan for its tremendous health benefits it can offer, such as stronger bones and circulation which helps the body to feel warm even in the coldest weather. Chun Yuen Quan also helps to develop coordination and flexibility, no matter what your age.

There are several forms within the Chun Yuen Quan system including Xing Shou, Great Sadness Gong, Green Dragon Sword, White Crane Sword, Great Compassion Gong and further weapon forms of the Damo Staff and spear forms.

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