Language and Cultural Consultancy

By: Translation in London  17/07/2014
Keywords: Language Consultancy, Cultural Consultancy

Are you thinking to open a new business or to administer a company overseas? Then, you should be aware of several cultural and linguistic aspects that must be taken into account in order to achieve the success of your purpose. At Translations in London we are always committed to meet our clients’ needs. It is for that reason that we provide an exceptional cultural and language consultancy services that will guide you in all of the cultural aspects of your project. Our consultants will help you make informed decision to ensure the success of your business. Most people are not aware of the great importance of understanding certain cultural aspects before enlisting into a new project overseas that is why they fail in their negotiations and businesses. However, being well informed and guided in certain cultures will avoid misunderstanding and will consolidate a solid base for a future and lasting business in that country. Some of the cultural aspects that must be taken into account before adventuring in a new business overseas are determined by: - Language and non verbal language - Customs - Values - Clothing and personal appearing - Social organization - Rules for doing business - Politics and legal framework - Religion Translations in London has a team of experts who have over 15 years of experience researching communication materials in the global markets and will guide from start to finish.

Keywords: Cultural Consultancy, Language Consultancy

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