Acupuncture IVF Programme

By: The Life Medicine Clinic  01/06/2011
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 This programme consists of six acupuncture sessions designed for women who would like to use acupuncture to support their bodies and minds during their IVF procedure.

Session 1 - Initial Treatment
In this session, a personalised consultation is followed by a treatment. This treatment is done after the monitoring scan which can occur between days 8-10. This scan assesses follicle growth and endometrial thickness and the results of this scan will be taken into consideration during the acupuncture treatment. This treatment is designed to optimise the follicle growth and/or endometrial thickness as well as relax the patient so that the egg collection is as easy as possible.

Session 2 - Post Egg Collection
This treatment will take place just after egg collection. This treatment will aim to aid post-operative recuperation and reduce internal swelling and abdominal bloating. We aim to aid this healing process in order to help direct the body’s available resources to implant the embryo when the time comes.

Session 3 & 4 – Pre and Post Embryo Transfer
We recommend an acupuncture treatment before and after embryo transfer to improve blood circulation to the uterus thereby encouraging the embryo to secure itself inside the body. Studies during IVF have shown that pre ovulatory uterus lining thickness and ultrasound appearance is predictive of embryo implantation results. Anything less than 9-mm thickness, is associated with about a 5-fold reduction in live birth rate per embryo transfer. Women with poor uterus lining development can have a history of unexplained IVF failure or early recurrent miscarriage.Using Chinese medicine increases the thickness and the quality of the lining of the uterus. The sessions are also designed to relax the body and mind for the procedure which can elicit nerves and excitement. Ideally, this is recommended on the same day as transfer close to your embryo transfer appointment.

Session 5 & 6 - Implantation Treatments (4-7 days after transfer)
If the embryo is a strong one, and the development of the endometrium is good, it is expected to produce a successful implantation. At this stage, bar ensuring the embryos are transferred at the right time - IVF has little more influence. However acupuncture and Chinese medicine can influence blood flow to the uterine lining the hope of encouraging implantation, as can aspirin, which is now prescribed as part of many IVF protocols. In the weeks after the embryo transfer we recommend at least one more weekly acupuncture treatment before you take a pregnancy test, to relax and support you emotionally and support the blood flow.  

Acu IVF Programme (6 sessions) £495 (£450 for patients that have completed a consultation)

Keywords: Acupuncture Practitioners, Medicine Clinic

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