Interview with Impact seminars

By: The Interview Academy  10/09/2009
Keywords: Skills, Confidence, interview coaching

'Interview with Impact' is a carefully designed seminar that is chock-full of job winning techniques and performance-enhancing specifics at a price everyone can afford. By attending this seminar you will learn how to:
                     *Strategically prepare before the interview
                     *Sell yourself effectively and persuasively
                     *Respond to typical interview questions with clarity and confidence
                     *Express your suitability for the job succintly 
                     *Build rapport with the interviewer using body language effectively
                     *Channel interview nerves so that this energy is used to enhance your performance
                     *Deliver your ideas in an engaging manner, by using your voice effectively
                     *Avoid common interview mistakes
                     *Pinpoint likely objections to your application and know how to handle them
                     *Ask for the job  

Keywords: Body Language, Confidence, interview coaching, Passionate Interviewing, Peak Performance, Skills,