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By: The Bath Business Enamel Bath Specialists London  19/08/2009
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The Bath Business does a lot of work restoring old baths in Hotels, Guest houses, Architectural Salvage yards as well as residential homes. As one of the best established companies in the UK we are able to re enamel many baths in a few days and are frequently asked to do so, particularly by hotel maintenance managers.

If you are needing to complete a restoration project or upgrade your bathroom or bathrooms quickly then call the bath business. We have the personnell and experience to deal with them.

Here at the Bath Business we resurface a lot of Victorian Roll-Top Baths. This isn't really surprising when you look at how expensive they are to buy, even second hand. Many people like the classic look of these baths, and in the right setting they can be truly spectacular. And that keeps demand for them high. So if you have a roll-top bath or any cast iron bath, then getting it resurfaced if it's not looking it's best is a very cost effective solution compared to replacement.

Resurfacing, re-enameling, reglazing or refinishing a quality bath breaths new life into it. It looks and feels new. The fact that it is done in situ by The Bath Business in less than a day makes it not only economical but also a lot less disruptive than replacing the bath.

The Bath Business can resurface cast-iron and modern baths. We can re-enamel classic antique baths, slipper baths, roll top baths etc. We can resurface and re-enamel cast-iron, plastic, acrylic or fiberglass baths as well as ceramics.

We are often asked to re enamel plastic or acrylic baths as replacing them would mean redoing the whole bathroom.

Recently there has been a move to using roll-top baths in very contemporary surroundings. This can work surprisingly well.

A recent customer had had his bathroom completely re-done, but wanted to keep the roll-top which was original to the house. So he decided to have The Bath Business come and resurface his bath.

He'd had taps installed which were on a stand-pipe, separate from the bath itself. The taps were a mono-block design, done in chrome. The stand pipes were in chrome too. (Another way to achieve a similar affect would been to have  the taps coming out from the wall above were the bath was to be positioned.)

So the bath was not going to have any taps on it at all, which gave it a very uncluttered, modern look

However, this left the problem of what to do with the old tap holes. The Bath Business were able to fill the tap holes and resurface the bath. The end result of that was a bath which looked like it had never ever had taps, thus giving him a bath which was both original but also thoroughly in keeping which the bathroom make-over.

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And the customer response?: “Just to let you know John did a fantastic job with the bath, and my wife is absolutely delighted!”  R.C.. Sheffield.

If you have any questions on what service The Bath Business can be to you, please feel free to visit us at:

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