Sciatica and lower back pain treatment – non-surgical, non-drug, all natural approach

Sciatica and lower back pain treatment – non-surgical, non-drug, all natural approach from Sylvia Peterson

By: Sylvia Peterson  26/01/2011
Keywords: MASSAGE THERAPY, lower back pain, pain management

Sciatica and lower back pain treatment – non-surgical, non-drug, all natural approach to treat sciatica through proven massage therapy technique


There are many times in our lives where we are told that drugs or surgery are the only remedies available for your back pain and sciatica conditions. Tracking down a desirable all-natural treatment solutions to the problem that works for you is possible.

An all-natural treatment is massage therapy. The technique that I have developed during the years helped many people to maintain their lives free from pain. If you have been a long time sufferer of back pain and sciatica then this massage therapy technique might be enough to decrease and heal your problem.


The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. When this nerve becomes inflamed or irritated it produces pain that resembles like a leg cramp.The pain is felt in the lower back, buttock, and/or various parts of the leg and foot. In addition to pain, which is sometimes severe, there may be numbness, muscular weakness, pins and needles or tingling and difficulty in moving or controlling the leg. Typically, the symptoms are only felt on one side of the body.


When it comes down to it, there are several methods to regulate your sciatica and lower back pain. Just remember, if you are looking for a natural treatment to help your body in dispensing with your back pain and sciatica without the use of large-scale changes in diet, medications, or surgery the massage therapy might be the right answer for you to deal with sciatica and lower back pain.


To make an appointment: Please call Sylvia Peterson, Certified massage therapist at

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Cancellation policy: 24 hours




30 min sciatica and lower back treatment - £40

60 min sciatica and lower back treatment - £60



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Keywords: Deep Tissue Massage, lower back pain, MASSAGE THERAPY, pain management