Chasing for a Michelin star? Using black caviar? You need to know this!

Chasing for a Michelin star? Using black caviar? You need to know this! from SVD PROMO LTD

By: SVD PROMO LTD  08/10/2015
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What services does SVD PROMO provide? Our company SVD Promo - Retail Food department specializing in supplying UK Hotels & Restaurants with HQ black caviar from Siberian, Caspian regions and Black sea. What is the difference between the grades? If be honest, the person who is not eating black caviar regularly can’t tell a big different between the grades, but as a company who supplying black caviar to Michelin restaurants we keeping 5 grades of black caviar which is absolutely different between each other. The first thing that we can mention is the diameter of the egg and the colour, then is the structure and the most important unique taste. Interesting fact that, in reality, the real black caviar is not totally black in color, rather the opposite. The lighter eggs, the more valuable it is. If we talking about BELUGA which is the most expensive, the color of eggs can vary from light gray to almost black. Sturgeon caviar can be totally different from dark gray to dark brown and gold. With the age of a fish, color of caviar changes to light amber, and it becomes extremely delicate taste, described as "a nut cream.". Our product range includes all the unique grades of sturgeon and beluga black caviar. So the difference between the grades is size, colour and taste Are there any health benefits for eating caviar? If shortly, Yes! Black caviar is very healthy. In details: About the benefits of caviar, we can talk endlessly - it is amazing balanced product, which along with the wonderful flavour contains a huge amount of nutrients that needs to your body. Caviar is rich in complete proteins, vitamins A, B, C, D, E; lecithin, phosphorus, iron and other minerals such as S, K, Na, Ca, Mg, Si, Zn, Mn, J, and organic compounds necessary for normal growth of the body (especially children). Black caviar recommended for the lack of iron in the body, to increase the hemoglobin, it boosts the immune system and has a strong anti-allergic features and of course it is perfect for people who has been weakened by disease and it is recommended to all who need nourishing diet, especially for people after operations and severe diseases. Who do you supply for? At the moment we are supplying 4-5 starts and Michelin stars restaurants across the UK. We know that the chef, using our caviar to create a masterpiece dish and it’s have not only stunning taste but also a magnificent look. How do you guarantee the freshness of the product? Actually it’s very simply, all the time of travel, the cans are placed in special ice boxes with special ice cubes witch keep the right temperature during the all-time from packing till the table of a chef. What is the future of the caviar? Future, hmm. It’s always will be an exclusive delicates. Thank you. WWW.CAVIARSUPPLIER.CO.UK

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