Birth Name Activation/Optimization Child Name- Their Life Purpose. Baby Name Analysis.

Birth Name Activation/Optimization  Child Name- Their Life Purpose. Baby Name Analysis. from Soul Blueprint Numerology.

By: Soul Blueprint Numerology.   17/11/2009
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The Divine Essence of You Name

Our Name reflects the energy signature, the energy patterning we have come to unfold, expand, and overcome within this lifetime. Numerology and Nameology are based upon the idea that each soul comes into the world to learn certain lessons and achieve certain goals to round out its overall development and propel its evolvement.

It gives a true indication of our purpose in this incarnation. It indicates the goals, the tools, and the handicaps, and it gives us information as to why we came into being on this planet at this time, what lessons we have chosen to teach ourselves, what gifts and abilities we have come to unfold, as well as some of the obstacles we will have to learn to overcome. When we understand this, and then learn to direct the communications with the soul from a conscious level, all life opens up to us.

Are you claiming the full power of your name? ..

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Reading Your Birth Name Energies- Your Soul's Contract. 
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How do they affect your path? 
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Energy locks associated with married names Shortened names- possible energy imbalanceand path fragmentation. 
Soul & Spiritual Name Retrieval.
Guidance on Deeds and Contracts- informing others of your name change.

Jana reads the details of your pre-birth plan, your name configuration and your energetic field to provide increased awareness, inner purpose and spiritual confidence. Once you've redscovered the secrets of your Soul's Contract, your entire existence can take on ever greater direction and excitement.

Keywords: Birth Name Energies, Birth Name Fine Tuning, Child Path Confirmation, Name Optimization, Nameology, numerology,

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