Spiritual Life Purpose. Soul Contract Initiation. Birth Name- Higher Octave Infusion.

Spiritual Life Purpose. Soul Contract Initiation. Birth Name- Higher Octave Infusion. from SOUL ACTIVATION- Enter into Sacred Contract

By: SOUL ACTIVATION- Enter into Sacred Contract  17/11/2009
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Are You still Seeking?

Some of us are deeply aware of our true purpose and express ourselves in the world with a level of spiritual confidence and certainty.
However, for those of us whose awakening is not so apparent, an introduction to Soul Contract can bring greater direction, purpose and spiritual awakening.

Once you gain more certainty in what direction your true abilities lie, you can use them more effectively overcoming your limitations, in other words, fully honoring your prebirth plan.

What is a Soul Contract? 
The purpose you set for this life- prior to incarnation. 
Confirmation of your higher spiritual mission-  Are you here to work exclusively with relationships?
Does your soul wish to communicate ideas through art, music or business?
Gain greater mastery over your mental, emotion and psychic vehicles
Activate Soul energies- Claim the full power of your Name.
Restore your Divine blueprint- Karmic resolution- prosperity,
health & relationships 
Talents, attributes, goals and aspirations- at a soul level. Soulmates,
Twin Souls and Karmic Soul Connections.

Jana reads the details of your pre-birth plan, your name configuration and your energetic field to provide increased awareness, inner purpose and spiritual confidence. Once you've redscovered the secrets of your Soul's Contract, your entire existence can take on ever greater direction and excitement.

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