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By: SK Web Design & London SEO  10/02/2009
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We don't stand here and profess to be the "best in the business" or "the #1 web design company" like many other web development sites. However, we have specific virtues and ethics which do make us unique and a pleasure to deal with. Have a look through the reasons we feel you should choose us and give us a call. After you have done that, you can decide for yourself!


1) We're easy to work with.

Sure- we're programmers, database technicians and server administrators, but we're also average human beings.  We keep the geek-speak to a minimum and communicate with you in a clear, plain-English manner.  We are honest and hard-working, and committed to doing whatever it takes to help your business achieve it's online goals.


2) Our rates are affordable.

We provide estimates based on your website requirements.  Some of our clients have larger budgets than others, and we happily quote for additional features or "bells and whistles".  At the end of the day- we build you a website that you can afford.


3) We know what we're doing.

Our team of designers and programmers are educated, experienced professionals.  We do not employ junior designers or individuals with limited skill sets.  We employ individuals who demonstrate a very extensive knowledge of web design techniques and web-based marketing and promotion.  Many of our staff have been in the business for years, or have owned businesses themselves- which helps them to understand client needs and know what it takes to help their business achieve its goals.


4) We've serviced hundreds of clients before you.

Literally.  Whatever your website needs, chances are we've done it before.  We'll show you examples of similar projects we've completed, and demonstrate any and all processes involved.


5) We want your business to succeed.

If you're doing business online, the success of that business is in large part dependant on the performance of your website.  And since we want our customers' business for the long-run, we work hard to make sure your website is a success.


6) We do it all, in-house.

Believe it or not, most web design companies are brokers. In other words- they are marketing firms, advertising agencies or "middle-men" who outsource your project to freelance designers.  In fact Sterling Web Studio is an outlet to many other "web design companies" throughout the UK and Europe.  If speaking with other web design companies, make a point of meeting their design staff to see for yourself who is working on your project behind-the-scenes.  All of our projects are completed in-house by our designers.  Only at the customers request will we outsource and manage parts of a project- typically videography, photography or technical services like DVD production or printing.


7) We assist with marketing and promotion of your website.

The completion of your website marks the start of many other initiatives.  Web-marketing, site promotion, pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization are just a few of additional services we offer to assist in achieving your website goals.


8) We work quick.  We work hard.

The "Less talk, more action" approach drives productivity in our office.  Focus on "executing the plan" takes precedence over office chatter, extended coffee breaks, etc.  We work hard and quick to get your website online and pulling its weight ASAP.  When we're done, we kick-back by playing foosball in the boardroom or passing time in the lunch room.


9) We support your website all the way.

A website will often bring with it some duties and responsibilities that you may not be able to look after yourself.  We assist you with technical support questions, customer inquiries, email support and web administration.  The value of our assistance is key to our customer retention.


10) We're here for the long-run.

We love what we do, business is good, and our economy is thriving.  We plan to be in the business of web design for many years to come.  If you choose Sterling Web Studio for your project, you'll get to know us very, very well.

Keywords: Design & Marketing, ecommerce, web agency, web design

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