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By: SK Web Design & London SEO  23/03/2009
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Online Marketing increases access to your target audience while maximizing your advertising budget. While there are many opportunities available, there are also many opportunists. So how does the online businessman know how to sort the opportunities from the expensive lessons? Develop an online marketing strategy that targets your audience and fits your budget with these goals:

      Reaching Targeted Customers:
      Reach the highest number of potential "customers" with targeted messages that "connect"
      Search Engine Presence:
      Strengthen your presence and rankings with search engines (SEO and link building)
      Return On Investment: (ROI)
      Suggestions for getting the highest return possible on advertising monies spent
      Measure Results:
            Increase traffic on your web site
            Compare monthly statistics to review your strategy
      Create an Action List:
      Make a plan of action to complete your strategy

What we do
Online marketing is a very definite skill involving a series of actions to be done over and over and most importantly to strengthen what is successful.
At Sterling we offer a premium marketing service for all of our clients. We have many references for business that run solely through our marketing services, generating 100% of their income by what we do.
We will ensure that you get the best marketing for your services or products. We can cover every aspect of the marketing plan from content writing to press articles and graphic marketing with slogans and hard-sell copywriting.
The first step will entail a full analysis of your business; looking into your competitors, finding out what the market wants, narrowing in a key geographic locations and more.
Next we build your external presence through link building, online articles and press releases, blogging, pay-per-click and more. We can also build up your offline presence through press releases and advertising - all driving traffic to your site.
There are exact guidelines we follow to ensure your site moves up, up, up. If these guidelines are not precisely followed or done by an amateur then you can be penalized by the search engines which will defeat your marketing.
What you should know
Having a website which looks pretty and works perfectly is a great thing. But it does nothing for you unless it is found, used and turns over revenue.
We will tell you from the start that you should market your site through our effective and workable system, which is based on Google's optimization techniques. You won’t have to lift a finger and will immediately start generating business through your site.
As a word of suggestion, many new business owners initially opt to do their own marketing. This is risky as we have found that,

   1. running a business is time consuming and many never get around to doing your own marketing.
   2. out of impatience or apparent ease-of-use a business owner will simply dish out large amounts of money into pay-per-click systems which, if not properly done can empty your account with little or no return.
   3. marketing your website is should be left to web marketing experts like ourselves, who are up-to-date on the latest Google search engine optimization techniques.

We can cut down the cost and time of your marketing by simply doing it right the first time and as a result you will get many times over the return on investment.

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