Back Pain

By: Six Physio Finchley Rd  13/09/2016
Keywords: back pain, lower back pain, back pain relief

It's not very groovy, but most people at some time will experience symptoms.

Chronic, complex, ongoing, unremitting or just poorly managed, it shouldn't be like this. Here at SIX Physio we can give you the comfort, solution and explanation you deserve to manage your pain long term.

Last year we saw over 6,500 patients with back pain, more than any other clinic in London. That’s over 70% of all our new patients and 82% of our back pain patients have had symptoms for more than 4 months.

Surprisingly, 42% of patients have failed elsewhere to manage their back pain before they came to Six.

Over a 4-week period we can on average, get a 74% improvement in what you came to see us for.

This is all about you and your back.

It may not involve pushing or cracking the sore bits or core stability or stretching or strengthening your back.

What we do is not revolutionary; it’s just very good. We will keep you moving better and show you functional, dynamic and out of this world rehab strategies. We do simple stuff well. Very well. We won’t hide behind complex explanations and we won’t treat you to death. If we can get you better, we will.

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