Simply Business news: boiler scrappage scheme is good for tradesmen

By:  06/01/2010
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The government's boiler scrappage scheme began today, bringing some welcome good news for plumbers and gas fitters.

Under the scheme, which was announced in the recent Pre-Budget Report, individuals will receive £400 towards the cost of a new boiler when they scrap their old one. Old boilers are eligible for the scheme if they are rated G under the energy efficiency ratings. Boilers over 15 years old will generally qualify.

The scheme was devised in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. By some estimates the scheme could have the same effect on emissions as taking 45,000 cars off the road. Aside from this benefit, the launch of the scrappage initiative is likely to provide welcome work for gas fitters and plumbers.

It is estimated that around 125,000 households are eligible for the scheme. The government has made £50 million available to fund it.

Gas fitters and plumbers are likely to seize on the opportunity, and many have increased their marketing efforts in light of it. It is presumed that there will be a spike in interest this week, as the scheme receives its most significant media coverage. But the government will not be sending out vouchers until after January 18.

Further information on the scheme, including guidelines for eligibility, are available on the website.

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