Leading private hire firm to save £1 million following successful implementation of a Sabio WFM

By: Sabio  12/02/2009
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 LONDON – 22 January 2009 - Sabio, the innovative contact centre services and solutions company, has designed and implemented a Workforce Management (WFM) solution that will help Addison Lee to unlock potential staff savings of up to £1 million following its implementation. Addison Lee is London’s leading private hire firm and, using Sabio’s Workforce Optimisation consultants, has successfully deployed Verint’s Impact 360 WFM software to optimise its call centre forecasting and scheduling activities, reduce overtime costs and enable a 30 percent overall saving on its annual staffing costs. Using the Impact 360 software, Addison Lee has been able to create optimal staffing and shift schedules that ensure it can meet its service levels consistently and cost-effectively – despite contact centre call volumes that vary dramatically throughout the year. Following a successful WFM pilot, Sabio helped Addison Lee replace its previous Excel-based resource planning approach that was restricting staff optimisation due to its inflexibility and complexity. The new Sabio solution now automates traditional planning and forecasting activities, providing agents with the opportunity to book their own holidays and swap shifts It also significantly reduces the amount of time that team leaders and planning analysts spend carrying out administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more of their time on value-added activities. “Before implementing the Sabio WFM solution, our previous approach to scheduling was to get in as many agents as possible when we knew it was going to be busy. While that meant we were able to deliver an unrivalled service level, we were also paying a bottom line penalty due to overlapping shifts, excess occupancy and unplanned overtime,” commented Chris De Souza, Addison Lee’s Call Centre Manager. “Sabio convinced us of the benefits of using Impact 360 to simplify our complex forecasting and scheduling activities, and were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution through a pilot that clearly indicated its value, despite the tough targets that we set. “Thanks to Sabio we’ve been able to unlock significant savings, not only delivering on our initial ROI goals but also introducing new levels of efficiency into our contact centre operations. With Impact 360 we’ve got far greater control over our scheduling and occupancy, while features such as holiday requests and shift swapping have made sure that our agents also feel empowered by the software. We’re now looking forward to enjoying the continued benefits of Sabio’s WFO expertise as we move forward.” “It’s increasingly clear that effective workforce management is one of the greatest contributors to contact centre optimisation, and - given that agent costs are by far the largest contact centre expense – it makes sense for organisations such as Addison Lee to ensure they’re managing their agent costs effectively,” added Sabio Head of Workforce Optimisation, Michael Andrews . “Using Verint’s Impact 360 solution combined with our Workforce Optimisation expertise, Addison Lee has been able to significantly reduce over-staffing in its contact centre, and achieve bottom line savings that are particularly valuable given today’s market conditions.” Addison Lee’s Impact 360 WFM solution integrates with the company’s Nortel Symposium ACD to collect historical data and enable the accurate prediction of future contact volumes, call handling times and contact volume behaviours. Impact 360 helps reduce the risk of overstaffing, minimises overtime, provides agents with the schedules that they actually prefer, identifies time-off opportunities, and automates routine administrative tasks, freeing team leaders to spend more time on agent training and reviews.

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