Bridges and Highways

Bridges and Highways from Roughton

By: Roughton   12/03/2009

 Roughton provide a comprehensive bridge & highway engineering service encompassing project planning, design, implementation and operation within the UK, Europe and internationally for all aspects of road transportation and traffic management schemes including environmental and traffic impact assessments. Our experience includes the design and implementation of projects of regional and local importance, taking account of the preparation of complex traffic management schemes.

The Roughton highways/bridge engineering group has become a valuable and important team within the Company as a whole, and has gained very extensive experience of all aspects of bridgework.  The design of new bridges is regularly undertaken, often in association with Roughton highway commissions utilising the latest highway and bridge design software and geotechnical analysis programs.

Other areas of expertise include Principal Bridge Inspections (PBIs) and load assessments, repair, strengthening and replacement schemes for a wide variety of bridge types.