Supply of sia registered doormen for alternative events including fetish, gay, lesbian, goth,

By: Rhino Security London  09/09/2009
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Rhino Security London supplies SIA registered doorman and hosts to several leading alternative events and venues including Torture Garden (fetish), The Clink (goth), Crash (gay)  and Vauxhall Tavern (gay )

We choose, dress, and  our doorman in line with our clients requirements.  All our staff are SIA registered  in line with current UK legislation which includes police vetting and appropriate training including, health & safety, fire safety, first aid, crowd control techniques and  other necessary skills.

To ensure our staff fit our client requirement's.  Security are often a venue's interface with the customers and need to be hosts as much as anything else.   We  look closely at

1. background.  We strongly prefer staff who have a proven  track record of  commitment, honesty and reliability.  Typically our SIA registered doorman will be in full time employment in a responsible professional job  (eg teacher, ex army) with a stable home life.   Whilst it is not essential for security to be gay to work at gay events it is essential they are gay friendly (gay tolerant only is absolutely  not acceptable by the way) and open minded.  The same applies to fetish and goth events.

2. physique.  Whilst it is not essential for security to be well built it can be helpful as a deterrent.  However some of our clients prefer lighter built security staff particularly for hosting or VIP roles.  Typically gay, fetish and alternative events have a better behaved crowd and we place a premium on open mindedness and hosting skills over physique in these circumstances

2. character. All Rhino Security staff are vetted and applicants who show in any way a aggressive or negative attitude are not selected.   Polite empathetic BUT firm security can often defuse a situation before it even arises and deter trouble makers.  Again  gay, fetish and alternative events often have a better behaved crowd than their straight counterparts and we place a premium on security with the right personal characteristics

3.. interpersonal skills.  All Rhino Security are taught the importance of being polite at all times even when having to eject patrons from a venue or refuse entry.  This includes when customers may be being abusive.  Politeness’ is essential at all times both to defuse situations and to minimize inconvenience to other customers who may be in earshot.  Gay, fetish and alternative events are very much create the kind of situations where strong interpersonal skills and an ability to empathise and understand different lifestyle choices are essential.

4. dress code.  We strongly advocate security being dressed smartly and not under any circumstances in "bomber jackets" "caps" or other inappropriate attire.  Appropriate will vary from venue to venue from for example T shirts in a gay venue to Jasper Conran suits at venues such as Mezzo or fore VIP protection.  In general though we recommend black suits, black shirts, formal Oxford shoes and overcoats in winter.  We are very  flexible if client’s have particular dress requirements

5. equipment. Again this varies from venue to venue but in general we recommend Motorola 2 way radio with covert earpieces (bar /venue manager also to be supplied one).  Hand held metal detectors ("wands") can also be desirable at late night venues

As well as selecting the right security for a venue it is also essential to supply the right  "Head Doorman" The Head Doorman as well as co coordinating his team needs to have the trust of the venue's management team and owners.  In addition the Head Doorman has to often act as Door Host or Door Selector  which requires an excellent understanding of the venues client base. We have a saying "If you let trouble makers in you have already failed at your job"! For alternative events it is absolutely essential the Head Doorman has substantial experience of both  the scene (eg fetish) in question and the actual club/event (eg Torture Garden) itself.  We often find that promoters on the alternative scene are rigorous in their vetting of security staff and their requirements of us.  We are very happy to work in conjunction with promoters including putting together bespoke security teams incorporating staff recommended to us by the promoter

One of the key financial advantages of using good security and Rhino Security London in particular is that you will find your customers are happier and hence more likely to return AND you may well need less security than you currently employ.  If you are unsure of whether you need security let us have a look you may just need security on an occasional basis (eg Saturdays) or to solve  a particular problem.

Rhino Security London  charge a flat £15 per hour per SIA registered security. If you are interested in a confidential review of your possible security requirement  at your venue we recommend calling Shannon  O'Sullivan on 020 77735 2246. Any discussion will be treated confidentially and there is no obligation.

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