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By: Remote Techs Ltd  02/12/2010
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As you use your computer it is almost inevitable that over time it will begin to slow down. Just as you service a car to make sure it is safe to drive, your computer also requires maintenance to ensure it is working at its peak. Our computer tune up service has been developed to target the main causes of bad perfomance in order to get your computer running more quickly.
Using our monitoring software we can detect problems before they occur. This means we can avoid things such as hard drive failure, which can lead to data loss and also give you advice on upgrading and future proofing your computer.

Why would I need to tune up my computer or have a pc clean up performed?

When you purchase a new computer it doesn't have much software or many documents on it.

It has no spyware or viruses from surfing the net and checking e-amil. The computer is perfectly clean and running at its best.

After using the computer for a while you install new programs, games and create documents. Some of those programs and games are set to load when Windows boots up and take up valuable memory and system time by running in the background.

This "everyday use" will cause your computer to start to slow down, unless you perform regular maintenance.

How will I know my computer needs a tune up?

The computer user would experience long waits between first turning the computer on until it would be ready and usable.

It would take a long time to open documents and programs, and you may see errors such as:

Low virtual memory or low disk space.

The general experience would be slow and unresposive. You may also hear the hard disk drive or an internal fan making loud noises while it is trying to load anything.

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