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FAQ: Reiki treatments are held in my treatment rooms in either Liverpool street or close to Spitalfields Market E1, alternatively home visits can be arranged. How Long is a Treatment? Treatments are usually one hour long. What happens during a Treatment? Receiving Reiki is a simple process. After the initial assessment the client lies on a treatment couch fully clothed while the practitioner gently places her hands on the head and body of the client (in sensitive areas and in accordance with the clients wishes the hands are placed slightly above the body and not touching). Each position is held for a few minutes while the energy is drawn through the practitioner's hands to the client, thus facilitating the energy to flow to the areas in need. This simple process aids relaxation, releases stress, cleanses and re-balances the individual on a holistic level, promoting physical, mental and emotional well-being. What can I expect to feel? A Reiki treatment is very relaxing and re-energizing. You may feel warmth from the practitioner's hands, tingling, cold, a floating or sinking feeling, or you may have very little sensation... The experience is individual to each person and individual to you, as you are unique. How will I feel after a Reiki Treatment? A Reiki treatment is very relaxing. Many recipients report feeling re-energized and uplifted, while others feel tired. As the body clears away toxins following the treatment you may experience headaches, flu like symptoms or feel quite emotional for a short period of time. This is normal and part of the healing process as the energy works and re-balances on a holistic level.

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Reiki practise in East London now available in West London. Home visits also available.



Reiki Therapy with a qualified, professional and experienced Reiki Teacher/Master based in London. Promoting overall harmony and well being for the client on a holistic level.