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Floating stairs from RailingLondon ltd

By: RailingLondon ltd  21/05/2012
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The wooden cantilevered or floating staircase load bearing structure is a cantilever fixing on the end of each step. The wooden treads are then reinforced with metal and mounted on the wall. In order for this to be achieved correctly, the wall must be a solid brick construction and is often has to be reinforced with a metal sheet.


A cantilever staircase usually suits a minimalistic interior however there are many canti-levered stairs that are traditional in appearance also.. Our floating stairs are better quality than most because we have the expertise to produce these properly. One major advantage of cantilver staircases is how little space they use and the open feel they give to a room. Often cantilever staircases that are used in residential premises are left without railings by customers – it is not for the safety concious but gives a floating effect. Balusters are mounted in glass where required with metal also used for the balustrade at the customers request.


The wood used for our wooden stairway and wood treads can range from oak, beech, mahogany, pine, maple, birch ash, or walnut types. We also offer custom stainedwood which can be coloured to the exact requirementsof your wooden staircase.

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