Quadpad Slate tablet Pc's now includes Eyesboard virtual keyboard

By: Quaduro Systems   08/01/2010
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London, UK. Quaduro Systems, a key provider of Slate style Tablet Pc's and Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) computing solutions to the vertical market, further improves the quadpad's user experience by including the renowned Eyesboard virtual keyboard for touch screen Pc's on all of its mobile computers including their slate Quadpad 1 and Quadpad 2 machines.

PlazaLOGIC , A Taiwanese firm behind the Eyesboard will be working with Dins International Ltd in providing the virtual keyboard on all QuadPad industrial Pc's effective from April 2009. What makes the Eyesboard an ideal application for our vertical customers is the ability of the software to work accurately with fingers as well a stylus pens. The application has received a warm welcome amongst all our vertical clients especially those using the Quadpad Slate tablets in a more industrial environment. The on-screen, virtual QWERTY keyboard has a bright and and realistic ?3D? interface. Multiple language options and can be configured in size. The configuration utility on the Eyesboard virtual keyboard for tablet PC?s enables users to best meet their unique needs. Another key benefit the Eyeboard application offers to Quadpad users over the standard Microsoft virtual keyboard is the programs ability to function during the Windows Log-In screen for easy password input stage of a Domain registered PC. Essentially, the Eyesboard virtual touch keyboard looks and behaves like an actual computer keyboard with its traditional QWERTY key layout.

About Quaduro Systems

Quaduro Systems is a registered trademark and wholly owned subsidiary of Dins International Ltd (UK). The company produces and sells a broad line of slate style Tablet PCs and Ultra Mobile PCs featuring touch screen technology. Quadpad tablet PC?s are marketed and sold for use with vertical applications through an authorized reseller channel. For more information, visit www.quaduro.com

About PlazaLOGICPlazaLOGIC Ltd.

Is a Taiwanese software company that specializes in developing virtual keyboard solutions for Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs and touch screen computers For more information, visit www.plazalogic.com

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