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Fitness Boot Camps from Push Mind and Body Ltd

By: Push Mind and Body Ltd  28/10/2015
Keywords: fitness training, weight loss training, Mindfulness Training

PUSH was created to help people learn how to live better in today’s busy and chaotic world. Most of us who live in the City live a life of credit and debit systems. Half the time, we’re doing really well – hitting the gym regularly, eating clean and laying-off the booze. The other half of the time? Well, we’re working 12 hour days, drinking to relieve the stress and when it comes to food? Well, it’s a Macdonalds or load of carbs to cure the hangover! Most of us spend too long sitting in front of a computer hunched over, waiting for the day to end. Not good for our muscles. Then, if we are really motivated, we take our stiff and sluggish bodies to the gym for a workout, ‘High Intensity Circuits’ anyone? Chances are we are rushing, so there is no time to warm up and we are mentally drained so all we want is a ‘beasting’ to take the stress away. Sound familiar? Over time this lack of attention to our muscles and joints can lead to injury or illness and then a trip to the physio is required which costs time and money and probably drains you of all motivation to workout.

Keywords: Boot Camp Retreat, fitness training, Mindfulness Training, weight loss training

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