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Why get a London 0207 virtual number? - www.phone-numbers-uk.com

Target clients in Central London using the 0207 area code:
Where or not you are based in London or nearby some people will be looking for companies that are based in their local area. So clients that are in Central London are likely to want to dial companies with the same area code. Having an 0207 number enables you to have a virtual number in London, however you may operate elsewhere or nearby if you choose.

London office presence gives people confidence through prestige:
Central London is a very prestigious place to have an office and to have a phone number that suggest that you could be located there, may put your company ahead of the rest.  These 0207 Central London Numbers are virtual so that you can still work from any location; the incoming calls simply get forwarded to your phone in almost any other location, worldwide.

Use a virtual number to track your advertising campaigns
0207 numbers are a great way to track your TV, radio and print advertising campaigns. Easily check the call log to see how many calls each campaign has generated by using a unique 0207 number for each campaign.

Keep your 0207 number if you move:
Since these 0207 numbers are virtual and not linked to any fixed line, you can easily change the fixed line that it gets diverted to. You can call forward you 0207 number to you office, home phone or mobile, so you will not need to get a new 0207 number if you move offices.

Use a gold 0207 number to help clients remember your number.
Gold numbers are easy to remember numbers that contain repetitious digits or words in them. Consider “0207 123456” or “0207 insurance” versus “0027 9814275” the first two are way easier to remember. These gold 0207 numbers work especially well with radio and TV advertising where the audience may not always have a pen and paper ready to write it down.

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