Couple, relationship and family counselling

Couple, relationship and family counselling from Peter Phelps BSc (Hons), Adv.Dip.SACH.Hyp.

By: Peter Phelps BSc (Hons), Adv.Dip.SACH.Hyp.  13/02/2009
Keywords: Counselling, counsellor, relationship counselling

Relationship on the rocks? Do you feel you're not listened to or understood, that the two of you just go round in circles with the same arguments over and over again? Does your partner's behaviour drive you mad?

Do you get on fine most of the time, but always fall out over something specific like money, family, the kids, sex? Do you not talk to each other for days, or make up in bed without actually having resolved the issue?

It's perfectly normal to argue sometimes, but if your relationship has become a battleground or an uneasy cease-fire, maybe you need someone to act as referee. Involving family or friends can easily backfire, so it's a good idea to find someone truly impartial, with a real understanding of relationships, and available at a time and place to suit both of you.

The service I offer:
    Is completely impartial; I don't take sides.
    Is accepting of all faiths, cultures and lifestyles.
    Is completely confidential.
    Gives everyone involved the opportunity to express their feelings and needs.
    Works towards resolving conflicts
    Improves communication and understanding, helping to avoid future conflicts.
The same principles apply to families as well as couples. I have successfully helped many families to communicate better, to understand each other and, as a result, to get along better.

Keywords: Counselling, counsellor, couple counselling, family counselling, relationship counselling, Relationship Problems

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