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By: Peacock Bar - Burlesque ,Cabaret & DJ Bar Club  04/08/2009
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The Peacock is Clapham Junction London's  award winning  2am late night cocktail bar & club, but with a twist, combining burlesque and cabaret early evening with retro 70s/80s/90's Djs later on, every Friday & Saturday, to create truly awesome club nights.  The styling, drinks selection and service are exceptional too.  You can read all about it below and by following the links to the other pages on the site. 


Despite being only open six months The Peacock  has already received rave reviews in the Press including being rated "Top London Burlesque Club", "Top London Cabaret Club" and "Top Clapham Nightclub" by View London, the leading London bar club and restaurant review site , as well as being awarded   "Best London Small Venue 2009" by Function-Fixers,

At The Peacock we have  a drinks selection to die for. As well as those so-boring standard beers & spirits we boast London's widest range of Belgian fruit beers on tap and in bottles with over 25 different flavours. Classics such as the draught Strawberry Fruli Fruit Beer are complemented by more exotic flavours from mango through to chocolate via banana and lemon - come and taste for yourself.


On the spirits side we have an exclusive range of Monastic Meads brewed by monks in Suffolk - the choice of Kings since William the Conqueror but now available to non Royalty too! We also stock the full range of Geneva flavoured Gins - all thirty of them!


On a more modern tip we boast a world class cocktail and wine list designed by master mixologist Emiliano Casciello of Oxo Tower and Atlantic Bar & Grill fame, including his signature Taj Mahal - a Cosmopolitan with an Eastern Twist. He's aided by our hand chosen team of mixologists picked for their bubbling friendly outgoing personalities as well as great mixing skills.


However our resting thespian mixologists do like to flirt with the girls so do'nt be suprised when your order a cocktail if they say "Noooo isss toooo borrring I make you somethinnng speciallllll" with a little wiggle or two or three of their hips.  Well we are a burlesque club after all -  what do you expect?


At last Battersea and Clapham  have  a cocktail bar with real panache and style which does'nt take itself too seriously!  We are more High Society than Lost Society (meeeeooow)

We have such a wide range of  drinks that it would be impossible to list them all.  Below is a sample of our most popular drinks and also some of the more unusual concoctions we have lined up for your pleasure. Enjoy!



Belgian Draught  Beers  -   all £4.80/£2.50 (half)

We have three  draught fruit beers Strawberry Fruli, , Raspberry Liefmans and Cherry Morts well as the Classic Leffe Blonde Wheat beer.   If its the first  time you have tried a fruit beer we recomend the Stawberry Fuli which is sweeter than its Raspberry and Cherry stablemates

Belgian Bottled Fruit Beers  -   all £4

We have the widest range of Belgian fruit beers in the UK including the entire Florisgaarden, Liefmans, and Lindermaans ranges including  Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Nickelberry,  Melon, Mango, Passion,  Cassis, Peach, Banana, Coconut and Chocolate.


Standard Beers and ciders  - all £3.70/1.90 (half)

We have a good selection of draught lagers including Becks Vier (£3.50/£1.80), Guinness,  Kronenberg 1664, Staropramen, Stella, San Miguel, Scrumpy Jack  and last but not least Boddingtons Bitter. In bottles we also have  Corona, Magners, Budvar, Tiger and Peroni to whet your taste buds.




We have a wide range of champagnes including our house Heidsieck  (£30),  Moet et Chandon  (£40)  Veuve Cliquot (£45), Bollinger (£45),  Laurent Perrier Rose (£60), Dom Perignon (£150) Krug (£150) and Cristal  (£240)




To give our mixologists a bit of practise all cocktials are two for one Sunday - Thursday and Happy Hour Fridays and Saturdays 4pm-7pm (excluding jugs)


Classics   - all £7.00

Our top mixologists (ask for Danilo, Emiliano or Marco)  will whisk you up whatever you like but we these these perenial favourites in many different varieties just to keep it interesting   Caprinias, Cosmopolitans, Daiquiris, Mai Tai's Margaritas, Mojhitos, Martinis, Punches and Sours. However there are some cocktails like a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Slow Ginn Fizz or a Tom Collins that are best done only one way - the right way.

Champagne - all £8.00

A choice ranging from classic Bellinis (Strawberry, Raspberry or Peach), through our Champagne Mohito to the Russian Spring Punch


Jugs -  all £12.00

Well some drinks are just made for sharing ... Long Island Iced Tea, Moscow Mule, Pimms, Sea Breeze, Sangria and of course Sex on The Beach, to name but a few




Our mixologists will always  serve spirits  in 50ml unless you ask otherwise or we describe as being a single


Geneva flavoured gins - all £3.50 (single shot)

We stock the entire rank of Braeckmans Geneva gins in a bewildering range of flavours including Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Hazelnut, Lemon, Melon, Passion Fruit, Pear, Redcurrant and Vanilla. 


Monastic Meads - all £3.50 (single shot)

The choice of Kings now available to non Royalty too!  We are particular fans of Lurgashalls's Traditional English (cider &honey), Spiced (honey flavoured), Christmas (honey with nutmeg)  and of course the Whiskey Mead the favourite of rolly polly red faced monks and bishops since time immemorial


Flavoured vodkas - all £3.50 (single shot)

We have a wide section of flavoured vodkas from Wyborowa, and Absolut including Apple, Orange, Pear, Lemon, Honey and of course Bison Grass


Pouring  brands - all £5.00 (50 cl) including Mixer

We only pour premium spirits including Stolichnaya, Gordon's Gin, J&B, Bacardi,  Myers (Dark), Bombay Sapphire, Jack Daniels, Corvoisier and Martel and Morgan Spiced

Super premiums - from £7 upwards

We stock a wire range of super premiums including Ketel One, Grey Goose, Tanqueray, Courvoisier VSOP and Remy VSOP


By the Bottle - from £65 upwards

For party groups we do recommend taking advantage of our bottle service. All bottles come  with mixers and ice bucket as appropriate.  Preimium spirits (eg Stoly, Bacardi. Jack Daniels) are £65 and super premiums from £85 upwards




We have an extensive wine list in the bar but are happy to especially single out our House red & white (£3.50 glass or £14 bottle) and sparkling wine.  (£4.50 glass or £14 bottle) all courtesy of the Niel Joubert (South Africa) vinery

We have not forgotten the weekdays either....    Think restful music prepared by our Dj maestros with  classic films flickering across the walls whilst you lie back on one of our Victorian chaise longue's   As you rest your weary head our staff  bring you  Strawberry Mohito's and complimentary nibbles. 


Just sit back and enjoy yourself. 


All this and  our cocktails are  2 for 1 all night weekdays (till 8pm Fri/Sat) as well.    Heavenly!


With a fabulous location just minutes from Clapham Junction we are the  perfect venue to celebrate your birthday party, engagement party, hen night party, leaving party, office party, stag night party, private party  - in fact any kind of party really.


Looking for a fabulous  London cocktail bar & club for a hen night party, stag night party, birthday party, office party or Christmas party you will never forget? Let us take care of you.  View London have  rated us Top London Hen Night Venue,Top London Stag Night Venue  and Top London Birthday Party Venue 2009 and we won't let you down.  Well where else in London can you get great cocktails, burlesque, cabaret and Djs till the morning all under one roof!



You can book your  free guestlist,  reserved area or cordoned off area online, by phoning  020 7223 9633 or by emailing  


We look forward to seeing you here soon. 



Peacock Cocktail Bar & Club
148 Falcon Road (2 mins Clapham Junction)


London SW11 2LW
Tel: 020 7223 9633 
Fax  020 7542 8032
Email: [email protected]



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