Panopticon EX enterprise visual data analytics software system

Panopticon EX enterprise visual data analytics software system from Panopticon Software

By: Panopticon Software  29/11/2010
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Panopticon EX is a complete visual analytics platform that you can implement quickly. Connect to all of your existing data sources, including transactional databases, real-time streaming message buses and CEP engines. We designed EX to support a wide range of capital market and financial services use cases.
EX minimizes the total latency for informed decision-making through:

- Real-time streaming data retrieval. Data is retrieved as it changes. No waiting for tomorrow's report.

- In Memory OLAP cubes supporting multi-dimensional analysis. Users can aggregate, slice, dice, filter and screen their data as required.

- Time Series Analysis. Load historical data into cubes and analyze it across adjustable time windows and time periods or perform simple delta analysis.

- Pre-attentive visual analysis techniques. EX utilizes high density visualizations specifically designed to identify trends, outliers, and clustering in order to ensure fast comprehension. Users can screen their data interactively; the data visualizations update instantly to reflect changes in filter criteria or changes in the source data. We do not include "chart junk" like shadows, beveling and 3D effects since they create cognitive delays that slow down effective understanding of your data.

Panopticon EX consists of three primary components:

- EX Designer. This is installed onto your Windows desktop and is used to design and analyze interactive visual workbooks. You can save workbooks to the filing system or publish them to the EX Server for enterprise deployment.

- EX Server. This is installed on a Windows server and provides for enterprise deployment of visual analysis workbooks. EX Server also acts as a caching data conduit supporting secure workbook and data access.

- EX Web Client. The system renders EX workbooks as static images for access on any device or delivers them through the EX Web Client, which offers exactly the same analytical capabilities as the desktop-installed EX Designer.

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