Offshore and Voluntary Disclosures

By: Palmer & Cook - Tax Consultants and Tax Advisors London Office  27/10/2009
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We ensure your offshore or voluntary disclosures are presented in the most beneficial to solve your tax issues.

Whether you want to make a disclosure under the New Disclosure Opportunity, Lichtenstein Disclosure Facility, or a disclosure arising from a UK-based tax irregularity, we can help.

With experience from the previous Offishore Disclosure Facility, and having handled a number of UK-based voluntary disclosures, we know exactly how to handle Offshore & Voluntary Disclosures with HMRC.

Undisclosed offshore funds and finances, or hidden untaxed income, can lead to sleepless nights and untold stress over the fear of a tax investigation taking place.

But if you have undisclosed offshore accounts and investments, or any other tax irregularity, you should always make a full and complete voluntary disclosure to HMRC.

Coming clean to HMRC about offshore and onshore accounts and investments not only offers you the peace of mind you are looking for but improves your overall position.

Voluntary disclosures help you avoid prosecution and minimises penalties while at the same time it can legitimise your offshore funds and finances.

We negotiate with HMRC on your behalf in all cases to determine the best outcome for you and minimise your offshore tax and any other tax liabilities.

We can assist you with any offshore or voluntary disclosure with all services competitively-priced and available on an hourly basis or under a fixed fee arrangement.

If you would like to find out more please contact us on 0845 409 4955 or via email at [email protected]

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