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Body Transformation from OnPoint Training Ltd

By: OnPoint Training Ltd  19/06/2014
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Progressive Training & Nutrition Plans The OnPoint 12 week body transformation includes bespoke training and nutrition plans. They are also progressive but only according to the client's pace. There is no blueprint programme as everyone is different and responds in different ways. This is the unique thing about OnPoint, we make it personal. Private Sessions One of the biggest factors in a 12 week body transformation is training intensity. Clients set high demands and we know how to deliver, our results page will show you just how good we are. Training intensity is often overlooked, so this is why we make the client visit us a minimum of FOUR times a week. The training will be periodised and personal with the correct level of intensity you will need to achieve desired results. Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching Working with city professionals, a common issue we come across is time management. With work taking priority in our Clients' lives, it can often be a struggle to find the time in their busy schedules. So we go that extra mile and work with our Clients on a daily basis in and outside of the gym. It’s not easy to fit in the extra requirements for changing your physique, health and lifestyle to suit, but all our trainers have been there and know exactly what you are going through and most importantly, how to manage it, so we pass on that knowledge and make sure the 12 week body transformation is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, rather than a chore. Supplements It’s very hard to get everything you need to achieve desired results just from food, so as an addition, we often use supplements. The OnPoint 12 week body transformation is not loaded with supplements like you might find elsewhere but the bare basics may be required and with our sponsorship by PhD, we include everything you need each month. Bespoke Meals, Freshly Made and Delivered to You We have recently joined forces with Fresh Fitness Food (FFF). This enables us to reduce the potential of eating too little or too much or even straying away from the food we need our Clients to eat in order to achieve desired results. At OnPoint, we always design tailored nutrition plans and work closely with the client to help them understand what they are eating and why. The toughest part is getting them to cook it all simply due to lack of time and the inconvenience it can cause. Working with FFF allows us to eliminate this problem. The nutrition plans are still bespoke but the food is cooked and delivered to YOU… every day. Onpoint clients also receive an exclusive discount! Unlimited Support From Our Trainers This is something that separates us from others. We really do go that extra mile for our Clients and develop a good relationship with them. Honesty between Client and trainer is very important when participating in a 12 week body transformation. We promise to deliver 100%, so we need the same commitment in return.

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